Sunday, July 25

Drink to secure your digestion??


Following are the demonstrated realities about green tea :

  1. Detox
  2. Increases your metabolism rate
  3. Makes your skin glow
  4. Helps fat burning
  5. Reduces bloating
  6. Satisfies satiety
  7. Gut cleansing
  8. Helps in natural weight loss
  9. Slows down the process of aging
  10. Lowers the risk of certain types of cancerĀ 
  11. Increases immunity
  12. Helps fight bacteria
  13. Full of anti oxidants
Fun Fact: some green tea has cancer prevention agents equivalent to that in an Apple. .

Step by step instructions to make it ?how to make,instructions,benefits,

Basically heat up some water , include 1 table spoon of green tea I additionally include some of the time a stick of cinnamon or press a large portion of a lemon in my cup,it adds to the taste .

Keep in mind:

Include NO SUGAR

Include HONEY

Yes, you can add it! If you opt to sweeten your green tea, honey may be your best choice, because it contains antioxidants and may add further health benefits. Both green tea and honey may promote weight management and protect the body from certain chronic diseases.

Getting more fit is a LIFESTYLE , not a medium-term thing , change your dietary patterns, eat clean, add green tea to quick your metabolism and see the distinction yourself .