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Nimra Ahmed Collection

Nimra Ahmed

Nimra Ahmed is a well known Writer. She is much mainstream in Pakistan. Urdu Novel perusers in Pakistan know her popularity well. She is the woman who motivates each and every young lady in Pakistan to end up imaginative like her. A young lady inspired rights to carry on with her life as she wish.

All things considered, Nimra Ahmed is a gutsy lady who got an opportunity to demonstrate the world her inventive capacity.

At the point when Nimra Ahmed published her first Urdu Novel in Khawateen Digest. In the wake of understanding it perusers imagined that there is a connection between Nimra Ahmed and Umera Ahmed. Furthermore, they were thinking about them kin. Yet, they are not sisters.

Her first Urdu Novel ended up famous and very much celebrated. Nimra Ahmed delighted in a good acclaim in Urdu writing. She was the author with new and imaginative thoughts, propelled her perusers with her new thoughts and wound up prevalent among people groups in the blink of an eye. She composes so well. At the point when perusers read her novels.They abruptly occupied with it. They like the method for her written work Urdu Novels. In the wake of perusing her novel everyone turn out to be so on edge about her up and coming Urdu novel. They seek it on the web and requested their relatives and companions who are likewise on edge for her novel. Her Urdu Novel leaves an extraordinary effect on their musings.

At the point,

when perusers read her Urdu Novel, they feel that this part which is playing in this novel is like their genuine story. All of a sudden they get much inspired by novel and begin to peruse that Urdu Novel painstakingly. That is the thing in her novel that pulls in everyone towards her Urdu novel.

There are numerous ladies journalists in Pakistan. Rivalry is hard in this field. It was an extremely intense thing for Nimra Ahmed to being renowned, yet she made it conceivable by dedicated and innovative. Nimra has confidence in children’s stories and her hypothesis of composing depends on adoration and quality. She has no place to help the feelings and nostalgia.

Nimra Ahmed fulfilled her perusers in a current meeting. She discussed her continuous Urdu Novel ‘Jannat K Patay’. She distributed it in Khawateen Digest . It is a sentimental story and it gives social attention to man, which he faces in the ups and down in his life in the event that he is in charge of it or not. In that exchange Nimra Ahmed discussed Islam. Nimra Ahmed told the significance of ‘Hijaab’. She took ‘Hijaab’ as the subject of a fiction novel. We can see her adoration for Islam with that. She generally accompanies something new. She fulfills her novel perusers well. At the point when her novel ‘Jannat K Patay’ distributed, Readers preferred it to such an extent. They demonstrated their enthusiasm for novel. Everyone was discussing ‘Jannat K Patay’.

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                                           Jannat k Patty by Nimrah Ahmedjannat k patty

                                           Mushaf by Nimrah Ahmednimra ahmed

                                  Karakoram ka Taj Mehal by Nimrah Ahmednimra ahmed

                                    Pahari ka Qaidi by Nimrah Ahmednimra ahmed

                                        Namal by Nimrah Ahmednimra ahmed

                                Sans Sakin Thi by Nimrah Ahmednimrah ahmed

                                             HalimNimra Ahmed

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